Liabilities & Risks Are On Us

We promise to take on all the risks related to your blocked funds (bail-in, haircut), so that you don’t have to worry about anything. You can fully rely on our team of experts who is used to these situations to take care of the entire transaction , from start to finish.

Funds Blocked Up to 4
Years Are Accepted

If the blocked funds you choose to use to buy land or an apartment are blocked for up to 4 years, we will take it on fully with no restrictions and no strings attached. Our criteria are straightforward with no hidden agenda or scheme. Our friendly team is transparent and will help you all along the way.

Registration Happens

You will be the happy owner of your new land or apartment as soon as the agreement happens. Our team of experts will make sure to prepare all the registration papers and hand them over on time, giving you peace of mind and proving our pledge to a trusting relationship with you.

Blocked Funds Are
Not A Problem

If you have a blocked funds account and are wondering how to benefit from it during these uncertain times, we have the solution for you. You can use your full, partial, or multiple blocked funds to buy land or an apartment with us, in Lebanon. We will help you find the perfect solution and make the best of an unfavorable situation.

Both LBP & USD Currencies
Are Accepted

Whether your blocked funds account is in LBP or USD, you can use it to buy land or an apartment, in Lebanon with us. Our team of experts will make the process a breeze, and they also confirm the effectiveness of this investment.

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Your Interest Is Yours

If the bank provides interest on the blocked funds used to buy your land or apartment, you can still profit from the interest up until the date of transfer of ownership of the funds. Our team will ensure clear and precise explanation of this matter.

Large Blocked Funds
Are Accepted

No matter the value of your blocked fund, we accept it fully, even if it is large. You can buy your land or apartment with these blocked funds, with no questions asked. Our team provides the needed support and guidance to ensure the transaction goes smoothly for you.

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A Wide Range of Lands and

We offer a wide range of land and apartments in Lebanon that you can buy with your blocked funds. Our team will propose the best options for you, depending on your budget and interest, and in no time, you will own your new dream home or the perfect piece of land, wherever your heart desires.

Our Legal Department
Has You Covered

You don’t need to worry about anything related to legal work when it comes to buying your land or apartment with us. Our team will expertly take care of it all, providing you with all needed documents for your reference by the end of our agreement. Even if you live outside Lebanon, and you cannot return to complete your transactions, our legal team is ready to represent you and finalize the transactions for you

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Our Properties

Admir Appartments

ADMIR is nestled between Adma and Ghazir in a serene green setting, with a panoramic landscape that oversees the scenic mountains and the
tranquil Jounieh bay. ADMIR offers a rare experience of a dynamic yet peaceful life – all in the comfort, security, and privacy of an exclusive residential gated community.

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Batruna Parc Appartments

Batruna Parc, the ready-to-move-in residential project built in a V-shape around an outdoor pool for your fun, security and privacy in the heart of Batroun’s calm and green surroundings. Overlooking the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the Eastern Mountains, Batruna Parc offers its residents the perfect balance between nature and modernity. All apartments in the 8-block project have high-end finishing and are equipped with the latest technologies to give residents the modern lifestyle they aspire to.

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We provide a wide variety of lands located between Jbeil and Keserwan that offer everything you need when it comes to security, safety, and freedom. Our portfolio ranges from agriculture and residential land, to commercial and industrial work. You can build your future with everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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