No Solution on The Horizon

At Sakr Real Estate, we offer you a lifeline to save your financial situation from total collapse along with the country’s economic downfall. We guarantee to provide you with true and real solutions so you can use your blocked funds, bankers cheques, or personal cheques, in any currency, be it LBP, USD, or Euro, to buy land or an apartment in Lebanon  with our trusted team of experts who will guide you all the way.

Turn Loss Into Opportunity

With the breakdown of Lebanon’s economic fabric, the inevitable loss on blocked funds is looming closer. Sakr Real Estate provides you with solutions to free your blocked funds and use them to property, in Lebanon, with us. You can rest assured that there are no games or traps. We aim for a win-win situation with every deal.

Get It While It Lasts

We have a wide range of property up for sale, but demand is growing higher as our competitive conditions and facilitations are attracting many people in the same situation as you. At Sakr Real Estate, we guarantee that your choice will be the right one, as our team guides you to maneuver the legal ins and outs, as well as the bank documentation and approval. We can’t wait to do business with you.

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Farewell to 1500 LBP/$

We know the situation is not promising. We are aware of the difficulties everyone is facing financially. We want to help you make use of your funds while our rates are still reasonable and we are able to facilitate a competitive LBP/$ rate that rivals the entire market. Ask about our LBP/$ rate today.

Keep Your Dollar Intact

With the talk of dollar accounts being transferred to LBP, the true value of your savings will be extremely diminished. You can still use your dollar accounts, even if they are blocked, or if in the form of a bankers cheque, or personal cheque, and we will take it on fully, at the real dollar rate.

Haircut Problems are Real

Using your blocked funds means saving yourself from haircut troubles. To take control of your situation, you can choose to find the ideal way to free your blocked funds by using them to buy land or an apartment with Sakr Real Estate. Our team will help you asses your budget and perform all necessary documentation and legal steps in order to buy your property.

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Darkness is Coming

With fuel running out and electricity cuts increasing by the day, we are aware of the substandard life citizens are being forced to live. We want to help you change that. You can use your blocked funds or cheques to buy property in Lebanon from Admir complete with a safe community, luxurious neighborhoods, 24/7 electricity, and a major lifestyle upgrade.

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Our Properties

Admir Appartments

ADMIR is nestled between Adma and Ghazir in a serene green setting, with a panoramic landscape that oversees the scenic mountains and the
tranquil Jounieh bay. ADMIR offers a rare experience of a dynamic yet peaceful life – all in the comfort, security, and privacy of an exclusive residential gated community.

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Batruna Parc Appartments

Batruna Parc, the ready-to-move-in residential project built in a V-shape around an outdoor pool for your fun, security and privacy in the heart of Batroun’s calm and green surroundings. Overlooking the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the Eastern Mountains, Batruna Parc offers its residents the perfect balance between nature and modernity. All apartments in the 8-block project have high-end finishing and are equipped with the latest technologies to give residents the modern lifestyle they aspire to.

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We provide a wide variety of lands located between Jbeil and Keserwan that offer everything you need when it comes to security, safety, and freedom. Our portfolio ranges from agriculture and residential land, to commercial and industrial work. You can build your future with everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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